Detailed SEO Audits

SEO Site Audits


SEO audits  can bring up major issues, like any on-page errors in the form of broken links, page titles and meta-data or duplicate content. An SEO scan can also help understand problematic code,  can help to review the back end of your site for bugs and other issues that may be slowing it down or pushing you down further in search rankings.


Here are a few key areas considered  when doing an SEO check:


  • URL Structure: Are all of your URLs unique, clean and simple?

  • Content: Is your copy well-written, formatted, informative and fresh?

  • Meta descriptions: Are they unique on each page, and the right length?

  • Links: Do you have an average of 5 per page? Do they all work?

  • Images: Are the descriptions on point?

  • Website structure: It is clear and easy to navigate?


A thorough check will analyze your landing page and how it relates to other pages, and the overall user-friendliness of the pages.


Some Key Components to your SEO Audit-


Making sure your keyword usage and placement is positioned throughout your on-page copy.


An in depth SERP audit to  check to see how well you’re doing in organic searches, allowing you to do more organically driven digital marketing as opposed to pay-per-click ads.


Competition Analysis:  The competitors in your marketplace should also be doing this regularly to check their SEO rankings, keyword placement and the like. They’ll be checking their meta tags, links, and everything else, so in order to keep up with them, you need to also follow suit.






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